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"GDS helped us realize major cost savings - by about 50-60%, in lots of cases."

- President of a Midwest Process Networking
& Valve Manufacturer




GDS Imports: "Your Local Gateway to China"

As a manufacturer, you are facing intense domestic and foreign competition.


You've read that global outsourcing can help you lower costs, maintain market share, and increase profitability.


But you have no experience with offshore manufacturers. You receive unsolicited and confusing offers every week from importers, traders, and agents - all purporting to be 1) the right resource for you, 2) at the lowest price and 3) highest quality.

You know that conducting your own research can be time-consuming and costly, especially if you connect with the wrong people. We've seen this happen to several well known US manufacturers. In addition, choosing the wrong partner can delay the stream of savings as well as have a negative impact on customer service.


So how do you assess and take advantage of global opportunities?


That's our specialty. Global Development Solutions Corp. (GDS) helps customers lower costs in two ways:

1) GDS will import the product from qualified sources and deliver directly to your dock with no hidden charges. Our customers prefer this trouble free, no- headache approach where GDS is "Your Local Gateway to China".

2) For larger firms, GDS will help you to develop and implement a comprehensive global sourcing strategy for cost reduction of components, subassemblies, and complete OEM products. We help you set up your own supply chain. Contact us for details.

Our strengths are the very four skills you need to help you source globally and reduce costs:

  1. Full time GDS Shanghai staff
  2. Extensive network of proven suppliers in China and Taiwan

  3. 30+ years of offshore sourcing/manufacturing experience
  4. Strong engineering and manufacturing background


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