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"Steve didn't try to act as a go-between. He made it clear from the beginning he'd be the facilitator. He connected us directly, facilitated the relationship - he worked himself right out of a job!"

- President of a Midwest Process Networking
& Valve Manufacturer


Heavy Stampings


Hydraulic Motor Source



Jinma Mahindra Factory


Our Consulting Process

GDS specializes in identifying offshore opportunities for manufacturers. We identify, assess, secure, and oversee the services of manufacturers who can produce and deliver high-quality goods for a wide range of industries.

Here's an overview of our process:

Step 1: The Assessment

To determine if a relationship has mutual potential, we request an on-site visit with a prospective client. This gives us the opportunity to assess the products as well as all components, and to learn about manufacturing issues first-hand.

Following this assessment, we will know whether or not a company can realize significant savings by sourcing in Asia. A typical on-site visit lasts one or two days.

Step 2: A Close Look at Operations

Working with management, with engineering, and with purchasing, we study all potential items, drawings, and specs to make sure they're in sync.

Our depth in engineering means that we can determine the best process for each part. For some clients, we become part of the design process - literally working on the drawings and designs with your engineers.


Step 3: Vendor Selection

Steve Anderson has been traveling to Asia for decades and has visited hundreds of manufacturers there. He has built and continues to build solid relationships with suppliers. He can personally qualify and recommend the best suppliers for a wide range of goods.


GDS ships a client's documents as well as physical samples directly to potential suppliers or to proven trading companies, who in turn send them to several manufacturers - giving each GDS client exposure to numerous potential manufacturers.


Next, we assess each supplier and make a final recommendation to the client.

When potential suppliers are identified, we evaluate the ownership structure and all aspects of process capability. By personally visiting the manufacturers in China, we provide guidance for ordering of samples and pre-production lots. We help resolve inspection differences with a client's engineers.

In addition, we help negotiate favorable pricing for our clients and work on establishing payment terms that satisfy both the client and the supplier.


Step 4: Production

Samples, along with supporting inspection reports, are shipped to the client. After approval of samples, GDS prefers to see clients cautiously begin production at less than full volume until all quality, process, and communication is proven.

When necessary, we will recommend the use of dual or backup sources for protection of the supply chain.

Helping Clients Develop an Ongoing Strategy

We facilitate relationships with global manufacturers on behalf of our clients.

In essence, we help you develop an outsourcing strategy, make the right connections, and provide you with the tools to continue independently of GDS.


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