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"Steve Anderson's a hands-on guy who understands business and how things are made."

- Operating Partner,
private equity firm,
former CEO of several
major US manufacturing firms

Client Success Stories

We keep the names of our clients confidential; however, GDS clients can expect to earn a high return on our consulting fees. Here is a partial list:

  • Manufacturer of Snow Plows, Tractor Cabs, and Accessories

    GDS helped a mid-size manufacturer plan, develop, and execute a China sourcing strategy. This included supply chain development for cylinders, blades, kits, etc.

  • Mid-Western Industrial Distributor

    GDS helped a small firm to reproduce aftermarket parts and to implement a "house brand" of hydraulic cylinders.

  • Manufacturer/Distributor of Marine Battery Chargers

    GDS located new suppliers to satisy increased demand and to produce new products.

  • Manufacturer of Winches and 4WD Equipment

    GDS developed supply chain in Taiwan and China.

  • Manufacturer of Brass and Stainless Steel Ball Valves

    GDS found and developed suppliers in Taiwan and China.

  • Manufacturer of Car Wash Equipment

    GDS found and developed supplier for stainless steel fabrications and kits.



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